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Luxury weddings and events in Apulia Featured

Would you like to live the most important day of your life in a setting of incomparable beauty? Choose Puglia! You will find warmth, style and luxury! Your wish will be realized and will not want to leave it!

Would you like to swear eternal love in an exclusive location on the beach surrounded by crystal clear sea? In Puglia you have the embarassment of choices, from venues facing the sea Exclusive And Luxury Wedding In The Beach, or unique pearls in the countryside Traditional destination wedding in Apulia.

Whatever it will be your choice, it will surely surprise you  with style and extreme elegance. Also Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton were fascinated by this amazing and chic venue in Apulia: Exclusive and luxury wedding close to the beach.

You are fascinated by old stone buildings called "trulli"? Would you walk around and stop time in the magical streets of Valle d'Itria? Your wishes can be realized! Luxury Event In Masseria, in Martina Franca, will host you and your friends and family in his elegant and quiet trulli, in the shade of olive trees.

Not far away is Ostuni, "the white city", you can celebrate your wedding at the luxurious Wedding Resort In Apulia a small and precious jewel of Italian elegance.

But that's not all ...

If you feel a princess and looking for an enchanted castle where live your fairytale, just for you Castle For Weddings In Apulia, a place in the countryside where time seems to stand still. This wonderful italian castle was chosen last year from Laure Peugeot to celebrate her chatted wedding!
But Puglia has not only conquered Laure Peugeot!
Before her Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have had no doubts! They chose Borgo Egnazia Resort in Savelletri to celebrate their love! They chose silence, the elegance, the ancient olive groves of the Roman era gardens and luxurious swimming pools! Also the great designer Giorgio Armani was fallen in love of Apulia after the wedding of his nephew at Borgo Egnazia!

The colors, the smells, the food of Puglia convinced the Oscar winner Helen Miller and her husband to buy a house in Salento and live there at least 4 months a year!

Do not resist! Have no doubts! For your exclusive and luxurious wedding choose Puglia and live an unforgettable adventure!

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Emanuela Formoso

I'm lover of beauty, style and elegance. I like to write, I like to give emotions as my mother did when I was a child. My mother drew and realized fabulous dresses for her clients. I remember her charme, her talent, the research of fabrics, the love for the details. The elegance and sophistication are my companions for life. The fashion style is my great passion. I turned my passion in my job and now I give shape to your dream. I bring in my Apulia (Puglia) the essence and the spirit of the British and American weddings, where nothing is left to chance. I choose the best for you, with you! Your wedding will be a memorable day.


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