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How the chose the right wedding planner for a destination wedding in Italy (ESPECIALLY US!) Featured

This is a miniguide, treating the reasons why it is really important to have a local Italian wedding planner for your wedding in Italy.

Take the time to meet the person who will take care of the most important Day of your life

It might be result strange, but one of the most difficult thing to organize a meeting on line due to the hectic work and family schedule. From my first correspondence I highlight the importance to meet the couple on line to discuss about the wedding in Italy because a direct contact is fundamental to start a little relation of trust.

TRUST, is something that is extremely important to us. How do you think I can find the perfect venue, catch the style and the atmosphere of your Day, meet your needs, without talking a bit with you? I do not like prearranged packages valid for all; each couple is different and I want to design something special as I did for all my past couples. To make this I have to listen to you, meet you, explain you how in Italy works and discuss with you different alternatives.

I think you can dedicate 30 minutes/1 hour to a person who will have such important role in that Day, especially if this time is totally free of charge. Yes, the meeting on line is totally free and it will allow both to live the first impression, to check the attitude and to trust the first feelings toward a person… So truthful!!!!

You know, after an on line chat, I am pretty sure of the couples that we will follow the wedding planning with me: probably the feeling is mutual so I also appreciate the couples that will go with another professional italian wedding planner because in that short time together they help me to understand how to use properly my time towards the couples that really need my help. The on line meeting therefore is important for the wedding planner but also for you, so you can spend properly your time for the planning of your special Day. Also, it is important for the wedding planner to prepare options that perfectly match your wishes. Pictures are usually great but we simply avoid to show you options that are beautiful but do not reflect your ideal for a perfect wedding in Italy.

The meeting is fundamental also to define budget and destination and all the useful information to prepare a list of options and a breakdown that will show from the very beginning all the aspects and services involved in a wedding day. Of course, after the presentation I usually met again the couple to clarify if you have any particular doubt.

Lastly, I would like to point that the meeting on line is not so formal, we just create comfortable atmosphere that we hope will allow you to relax and evaluate our way of working. I am sure you will see from the very beginning the positive attitude and the special relation we want with our couples!

Cristiana Beltramello

Hello there and welcome to Blog Wedding Packages in Italy , an online space dedicated to you brides and grooms planning that dream wedding in Italy. 

Our aim is to inspire and inform couples planning an unforgettable destination wedding in Italy  and to showcase all things pretty that we can with this end in mind.

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