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Cristiana Beltramello

Cristiana Beltramello

Hello there and welcome to Blog Wedding Packages in Italy , an online space dedicated to you brides and grooms planning that dream wedding in Italy. 

Our aim is to inspire and inform couples planning an unforgettable destination wedding in Italy  and to showcase all things pretty that we can with this end in mind.

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Patricia y Ander, spanish couple in Venice

Wedding planner Cris

Photographer Selene Pozzer

Jason and Zoe, a lovely couple from Australia, decided to come in Tuscany for their symbolic wedding.

Maria and Wilfrido, catholic wedding renewal in Siviglia

Photographer: Bodas de amor

Wedding planner: Martina

The romantic elopement of Lisa and Rhyms

photo courtesy Tramontina Studio

Wedding Planner: Martina



A shining wedding day from Brian and Palak!

destination: Amalfi coast

location: NH Hotel Convento di Amalfi

photographer: Gianni di Natale

florist: Maria Storace

The amazing Indian wedding of Brian and Palak perfectly organized by Cris and Aldo

photo shooting Gianni di Natale

location Villa Maddalena

Indian Shaadi expert Gaia Vitiello

Flowers decoration Maria Starace


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