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Tips and ideas from an Italian wedding planner 

Wedding of Roberta and Paul planned by Cris, September 2018

The wedding M & A on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy Wedding Planner team Cristiana Cris

There are many castles in Italy where you can have your incredible Italian wedding, especially in Tuscany.

Edgardo and Ana, a beautiful and lovely couple from the sunny Argentina, married since 45 years, they contacted us because they were looking for a wedding planner in Venice in order to renew their wedding vows.

The wedding M & C on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy Wedding Planner team Cristiana Cris

If you are looking for a very personal ceremony, the symbolic wedding is the perfect solution for you. Let’s see the difference between the typologies of ceremonies.

The wedding Sarah and Larry on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy, planned by Cris

This so sweet wedding took place in November and we were lucky with a sunny weather!

The wedding Sebastian and Liv on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy, planned by Cris

Such a cool couple :-)

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