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The Amalfi Coast, located in the province of Salerno, region Campania, is a stunningly beautiful coastal region south of Naples. Stunning panoramas, azure transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea, mild comfortable climate, hospitality of its inhabitants, local culinary specialties can be found on this coast in abundance. Driving along the winding road right above the sea, you will see luxury resorts, olive groves, terraces planted with grapes, oranges, lemons, and tiny colourful villages clinging to the sharp rocks. In the evening you will always have the chance to admire the sun slowly setting down into the sea. Amalfi Coast has no limit to perfection, so no doubt, that your wedding in this epitome of elegance and romance, will be that perfect wedding of your dreams.

By choosing the Amalfi Coast for your wedding you will experience all the charm and warm hospitality of the southern Italy. Your wedding reception can be carried out in the ancient monasteries, luxurious coastal villas with flowering gardens and magnificent Moorish palaces.

Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento, Salerno - every town of Amalfi coast can be chosen for your wedding venue.

Positano is considered the pearl of the coast.  Here you will be surrounded by coloured houses climbing over rocks with bright splashes of purple and red flowers of Bougainville. The main cathedral of Positano with a majolica lined dome is visible from almost every point of the city.  The cathedral staircase  will bring you to a small jetty and beaches. From Positano you can take a trip to the fabulous island of Capri, and also to explore other coastal cities, such as: Praiano, Atrani, Amalfi and Pompeii. Formal wedding ceremony in Positano is carried out in the Municipal Hall Consigliare. Symbolic ceremonies and wedding receptions can be held in luxurious villas and luxurious hotels with stunning sea views.

Ravello, is another beautiful city of the Amalfi coast. Perhaps Ravello is the most charming and romantic place for weddings on the Amalfi Coast.  Its location on top in the mountains makes it less accessible for the main touristic routes, and therefore the wedding in Ravello will be more intimate compared to other busy towns on the coast. It is believed that Ravello has one of the best panoramic views in Italy, where from high above the sea you will admire the entire Gulf of Salerno.  Ravello is famous for the most exclusive luxurious villas and hotels that can accommodate your wedding reception. For your wedding ceremony you can choose among Moorish palaces, Romanesque churches and elegant villas with sea views.

The town of Amalfi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the heart of the Amalfi Coast. It has outstanding position in the mouth of a deep ravine at the foot of Monte Cerreto, and is surrounded by picturesque cliffs and a  pristine clear sea. The main square of the Amalfi town is marked by the the incredible Amalfi Cathedral of St. Andrew built in the 10th century.

Formal wedding ceremony in Amalfi is organized at City Hall, located in a former Benedictine monastery of the 12th century with a magnificent view of the sea. Wedding dinners can be held in one of the exclusive seaside restaurants where you can taste exquisite handmade pasta Scialatielli and finish dinner with   traditional limoncello liqueur made ​​from local lemons.

Sorrento is world famous as one of the most romantic cities of Italy  thanks to a  Neapolitan song "Return to Sorrento» (Torna a Sorrento). Sorrento is derived from the word "sireon", which means "land of the Sirens," that had been luring   sailors with their beauty. Sorrento has been a favourite holiday destination of famous composers, poets and artists. Sorrento is located over the Bay of Naples on the terrace. It is  a very elegant city, with a beautiful center, cozy streets, boutiques , souvenir shops, and gardens with lush vegetation. The wedding ceremony is held here in the City Hall, which also is  a famous historical monument.  In good weather, the wedding ceremony is held on the terrace of the villa, which offers an amazing view of the sea and Mount Vesuvius.

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